Breakwater and docks at Tancook Island.

The locals were doing a great job of protecting themselves from Covid.

Buoys in a Tree

Old Fishing Dock

I found some familiar names in the graveyard.

Some of the local architecture.

A fisherman’s lawn ornaments.

The one and only horse. There used to be another one.

Beautiful little garden. There must be deer on the Island.

A couple of the local bird houses.

Southeast Cove, Tancook Island.

I saw several of these iron dragons flying around the island. They make a hell of a racket.

A nice little fishing operation on the point.

An interesting rock formation on the shoreline.

Tancook Door Knocker.

Pretty little house across the rushes.

A group pf locals waiting for the big bonfire on Southeast Cove Beach.

Looks like they have just enough wood for the bonfire.

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