In the spring of 2022 Jane and I purchased our first motorhome. A 2022 Renegade Vienna built on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis. We have decided to do a little more travelling by land so the content of my photographs have changed a bit. We still have our boat “Foto” and will continue splitting our time between the boat and the motorhome. This gives us more opportunities to see things we haven’t seen before. At our age it’s all about “quality time remaining” so we are taking advantage of every opportunity that comes our way. I hope you enjoy my landscape photos as much as you have enjoyed my seascapes – Jamie Morrison.

St. Peters Canal, Cape Breton Island. We were sitting at the canal watching boats go through when we noticed “Ringneck”. She looked a little out of the ordinary and after a quick chat with the person onboard we discovered she was a scout boat for a larger yacht that was coming through the canal. It was not long before “Carson” appeared and it sure looked like a tight fit. Apparently the owner likes to stay off a port and then sends the out boat in to check things out. Seems like a great idea for a large yacht cruising the coast of Nova Scotia.

The other end of “Carson”.

Cape Breton Island looks great even on a grey day.

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island.

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island.

Somewhere along the Cabot Trail.

Ingonsh Beach, Cape Breton Island. The beach stones make a wonderful sound as the waves crash in.

A view from the top of Cape Smokey.

Another view along the Cabot Trail.

A lovely old barn, Cape Breton Island.

A graveyard and a beach. Cape Breton Island.

A graveyard with an ocean view. Beautiful quiet spot. Cape Breton Island.

Cape Breton Island.

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Fishing Boats, Alma, New Brunswick

Bluenose II, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Cape Forchu Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Sign Post, Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia

Rissers Beach, Nova Scotia

Rissers Beach, Nova Scotia

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