Page 2 - Columbia Out of the Fog -7541

Schooner Columbia Breaking Out of the Fog. The superyacht Columbia at the entrance to Lunenburg Bay in late July. Her masts, rigging and sails were all supplied by Nova Scotia craftspersons. The cost to build her from steel was approximately $24M.

44°19’35” N 64°14’48” W

Page 3 - Paula on Bow Watch -7547

Paula on Bow Watch – Columbia. Built by Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City, Florida, Columbia was visiting Lunenburg for rigging upgrades and to pay her first visit to the Bluenose II.

44°19’29” N 64°14’36” W

Cover - January - Columbia-7561

Columbia Making for Lunenburg Harbour. Columbia is a replica of the orginal Columbia and was built from the same plans. The original was lost off Sable Island in the famous August gales of 1927. She competed in races with the Bluenose in 1923.

44°19’35” N 64°14’48” W

February - L'Hermione -7341

L’Hermione Visits Lunenburg. Photographed at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, L’Hermione was at the end of an East Coast tour after sailing from France. She’s a replica of General Lafayette’s 18th century tall ship. Lafayette said of her, “She sails like a bird”.

44°22’25” N 64°18’59” W

March - Kejadenn at Carter's-7697

Kejadenn – Cruisers from France. Kejadenn, a steel hulled Oxygen 43, lies at anchor off Carter’s Beach. She crossed the North Atlantic via Iceland & Newfoundland on her way to the US. Many cruisers know this area as a great spot to spend a few quiet days.

43°54’22” N 64°48’54” W

April - Queen Mary 2 -7023

Queen Mary 2 off George’s Island. 2015 marked the 175th anniversary of the founding of Cunard Lines in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Queen Mary 2 was in town to help with the celebrations. Here she completes a harbour sail past as she heads out to sea.

44°38’36” N 63°33’60” W

May - Longboat -

Wednesday Night Racing – Lunenburg. The longboat Monomoy sits in calm waters during evening racing. She is the longboat from the Picton Castle and competes with a variety of small wooden boats during an evening of sailing entertainment.

44°22’24” N 64°18’31” W

June - A Raft of Sea Rays -6523

A raft of Sea Rays. These 40’ Sea Rays are rafted up in Wreck Cove, behind MacNab’s Island in Halifax Harbour. Just a short trip from the city of Halifax, it’s a popular spot to spend a pleasant, albeit sometimes busy, weekend on the water.

44°36’12” N 63°30’40” W

July - Carter's Beach-7730

Carter’s Beach Looking South towards Massacre Island. Carter’s Beach is hidden just outside of Port Mouton, Nova Scotia and is perhaps the most beautiful beach in the province. Three semi-circular beaches are flooded with cool carribean turquoise water. Stunning.

43°54’22” N 64°48’54” W

August - Maude Lunenburg -5495

Maude putts by Adams & Knickle. The Maude is a beautifully restored coastal fishing boat from the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. The distinctive “potato, potato, potato” sound from her “one lunger” engine echoes through the harbour.

44°22’24” N 64°18’31” W

September - Picton Castle -8057

Picton Castle Lays at Rest. The barque Picton Castle sits quietly at her berth in Lunenburg after completing yet another voyage to the South Seas. After a period of refit she will be on her way again on another amazing adventure with her young crew. Stuff of dreams.

44°22’27” N 64°18’27” W

October - Actaea Crosses the Line -6782

Actaea crosses the finish line of the 2015 Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race. A gorgeously maintained 1971 Hinckley Bermuda 40 Yawl owned by Mike & Connie Cone of Philadelphia. Hinckley is currently in the early stages of building the new Bermuda 50.

44°36’6” N 63°32’39” W

November - Cygnus Montanus -7699

A Nice Morning to Sit in the Fog. Cygnus Montanus, a Swan 77 from Sweden, sits quietly in the fog while her crew enjoy a little down time. Used only 4 to 6 weeks of the year by her festidious owner, she spends her time cruising the world. Nice!

43°54’36” N 64°49’4” W

December - Iceboating Northwest Arm -6306

Ice Boat on the Northwest Arm. The winter of 2015 will be remembered in Halifax, Nova Scotia as the worst on record. The normally open Northwest Arm froze solid and a lucky ice boater took advantage of it.

44°38’18” N 63°36’26” W

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