New Image – “Yacht – Bow On”

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New Image – “Yacht – Bow On”


It was 7:30 in the morning and I was walking along the wharves in Halifax Harbour looking for a nice shot. I had originally planned to shoot the yacht Athos but when I saw this image I just had to spend some time with it.

The yacht was tied bow first at the wharf so I was able to get quite close to it. There was still a considerable amount of condensation on the Flag Blue hull and it was polished to a deep shine. The shine was deep as was the reflection in the calm water.

The bow of a yacht is usually surrounded by the rush of sea water passing by. The chaos caused by the crashing sea can be beautiful yet unsettling. But more important is the fear you feel when this bow is coming straight at you. Something so dangerous sitting so still and looking so beautiful.

This image is a bit of a departure from my usual work. It’s big, bold and certainly more of an abstract than a landscape. I like it. I have printed it on an Epson Lustre stock at a 30″ width and it looks great. I am thinking of printing it on an acrylic sheet to emphasize the chrome and gloss.

As I said, it’s a departure and I hope you enjoy it.

– Jamie

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