New Image – “Pilot Boat at Sunset”

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New Image – “Pilot Boat at Sunset”

I was at the end of a fifty nautical mile sail and had just made the turn into Halifax Harbour as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful evening with light winds and cloudless skies. I had been taking a few photographs as I sailed along the coast but really hadn’t captured anything worthwhile. It was the night before the Harvest Moon and there was a gorgeous purple red sky along the eastern horizon. In the west the sunset was golden yellow with a tinge of pink.


Halifax Traffic Control crackled on the radio warning me that the container ship Atlantic Cartier was on the way out of the harbour. I had to do a little evasive maneuvering to get clear of the shipping lane. The pilot vessel Chebucto Pilot was trailing along the container vessel. As they both approached the Chebucto Pilot moved alongside the Cartier to pick up her pilot. The vessels were travelling at about 15 knots and it was an interesting process to watch as the Chebucto moved between the Cartier and her wake.

I was shooting as I went by and caught the sun reflecting off the side of the Cartier. There were lots of interesting reflections off the uneven surface of the Cartier’s hull and the yellow pilot boat seemed to meld into the ship.

The ship continued on it’s way after dropping the pilot and I made my way to my wharf. I think it’s quite a successful image. If you’re interested here are the location coordinates – 44°33’21” N 63°31’57” W.

Thanks for taking a peek.

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