My 2016 Calendars (Updated March 1, 2016)

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My 2016 Calendars are very close to going in to production. I reviewed the proofs over Christmas and everything looks great. I just have to find a little press time to get these done for early January. On the subject of press time I would like to thank Bounty Print Limited for helping me out with production over the last few years.

There are lots of new images this year along with a bit of a feature of the schooner Columbia. As always the South Shore of Nova Scotia weighs heavily but this year Jane and I ventured a little further to capture some nice images of Carter’s Beach in Port Mouton.

As always the calendar is distributed to my friends in the yachting community as a thank you for the many small and large contributions they have made to Jane and I as we spend our summers cruising around Nova Scotia in our Nonsuch 30 Dexterity II.

UPDATE JAN 12, 2016 – I thought I should update all of you that are anxiously awaiting your 2016 calendar. The first run of calendars has been printed and they look absolutely great. But that’s as far as I got. The binding equipment I use to coil bind the calendars has had a mechanical failure and I am waiting for parts and repair. Hopefully the delay won’t be too long. In the mean time I am going to get the second run of calendars on the digital press. I am planning on printing about 50% more calendars this year as the distribution list continues to grow. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully it’s worth the wait.

UPDATE MAR 1, 2016 – The calendars are complete. Jane and I punched, coiled, drilled and packaged the first round of calendars and they are finally ready for distribution. As a matter of fact several have already been delivered.

2016 Calendars Shrink

Final calendars running through the shrink wrap equipment. Finally ready to start delivery.

For those of you expecting delivery you can watch for yours anytime now. I cannot tell you how many old friends have been in touch looking for their copy. I even had one dedicated customer tell me that they cut out their favourite images from the calendar and had them framed. Quite a compliment.

I’ll have a supply of calendars with me at all times as will Jane. If you see us around just ask for the latest calendar and it’s all yours.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while waiting for this all volunteer effort to produce the calendar.

– Jamie Morrison

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