Bringing back a few old images and a bit of winter shooting

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Bringing back a few old images and a bit of winter shooting

I’ve been picking through some of my older images and putting a few of the better ones in the “Nova Scotia Coastline” collection. Winter is a great time to do this as I find that I do very little shooting this time of year. My favourite subject matter seems to be less interesting to me in the cold, damp winters here in Nova Scotia. I have made a bit of a point to force myself out a few times over this winter and did manage to get a few good results. I really enjoyed spending a full day along the South Shore and managed to capture “Winter Storm at Blue Rocks”.
Coming Storm at Blue Rocks
It’s a nice image, part of a series, I shot as the first haze of a winter storm surrounded the setting sun. Later that evening, while editing images from the shoot, I noticed that some are similar to images I shot in the past. I started poking through my image server looking for shots from the past.

Most of these images were shot when digital cameras were still not able to compete with film. Because of that, I am unable to enlarge them to the sizes I like to work with so most have been packed away on the server. I still think I have some great shots here but they really don’t achieve the technical qualities I like to have in an image.

Here’s an example of one of my images from 2003. It was shot on a Sony 5MP camera with a nice Carl Zeiss lens. I was sitting in the fog in Halifax Harbour in a small boat doing a little fishing (a previous passion) when the Spirit of Massachusetts came drifting out of the fog. I shot a nice series of images that I really like. I’ve done a lot of work on this image to make it look reasonably good at a 24″ width but it still lacks sharpness. A few years ago I submitted this image to Getty Images but it was rejected because of excess grain. Back to the server it went.

I am going to pull some of these images back and put them in their own collection. I hope you take a minute and have a peek. Here’s one from the 2003 Marblehead to Halifax Ocean race. Another favourite!


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