Avenger of Lunenburg

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Avenger of Lunenburg

I recently sailed down to Lunenburg Harbour and tied up at Zwickers Wharf ahead of Avenger of Lunenburg. She was being cleaned up for the Nova Scotia Schooner Association races in Riverport on the LaHave River. I had photographed Avenger before while she sat at a mooring but now I had the chance to get a really nice look at her.

Binnacle Avenger_JMP5537

The 47′ Avenger was built in 1966 by well known Lunenburg boat builder David Stevens and has been owned by Canadian writer, singer-songwriter, actor/director Tom Gallant since 1979. Tom has sailed her extensively putting more than 50,000 miles under her keel. Beginning in 1982 Tom spent 9 years with her in the Caribbean working the charter boat trade in the winter and sailing her home in the summer. Various bits and pieces of the boat certainly show a Caribbean influence.

Bowsprit Avenger _JMP5563

Avenger has been used as a working/pleasure schooner and as such as had a bit of a hard life. In 1981 she was caught in a hurricane off Newfoundland and pitch poled three times in the heavy seas. She suffered major hull damage, which was not repaired until some years later, but brought her crew home safely. Tom put her on the hard in 2001 for a three year refit that involved removing the interior furniture to replace broken ribs from the mainmast to the transom.

In speaking with Tom I found out that just this year (2014) he replaced 18 ribs in her during another major refit. It’s certainly a credit to her owner that Avenger continues on in beautiful condition.

Guitar Avenger _JMP5568

I chose mainly to shoot detail shots as she was sitting at the wharf. I’ve included a few samples in this post. She certainly is a fine example of Nova Scotia boat building and a joy to photograph. I had planned to follow her to the schooner races but the approaching threat of tropical storm Bertha changed my plans. I hope to get some shots of her under sail during a future trip to Lunenburg.

Dinghy Avenger _JMP5533

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