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I got a little more proficient with website construction over the last few months and decided to add a “Portfolio” page to the website. Here I can add more images and group them a bit more efficiently.

Clicking on “Portfolio” lands you on the page and you will see a list of topics across the top. As a default all of the topics are highlighted. Clicking on an individual topic will highlight only the galleries that cover that particular subject.

The page is a little light on content right now but as time goes on and I add more images and galleries the whole thing should start to make sense. Let’s just call it a bit of a test.

Most of my images are taken with a Nikon D800 at 36 megapixels which allows me to enlarge the images to a nice size and still retain sharpness and detail. I print my images on an Epson 11880 61″ printer using only Epson inks and papers. I love large images, needless to say, and try to shoot to accommodate my love of things big.

I do have a technical background that allows me to do these types of things but after years of dabbling in all kinds of projects I have decided to restrict my “dabbles” to photography and whatever it takes to keep my boat in reasonably good condition. Too much dabbling has eaten up a lot of valuable time in the past. I really need to be out there shooting more images.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what you see and would encourage you to get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments.

– Jamie

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